Thursday, June 09, 2005

Monkey Tennis. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.

OK, now that my blood is becoming more "blood" and less "Myers Dark Rum" I feel like I can tell you a little bit about last night.

Went out with a friend from school who just graduated and is having a week of fun and good times before our school's bar review starts (we only get 6 weeks -- THANKS AGAIN quarter system!).

Anyhow, we went to the Australian bar I love so much (and I always think of THL there because they sell all manner of Australian candy and goodies and have pictures and flags and stuff all over the place, and REAL LIVE Australians!).

The place was packed because apparently Wednesday night is Quiz Night, which consists of a drunken English man asking questions and a bunch of other drunken people answering them for the chance at a free pitcher of beer. Here's an example: "How many legs does a crab have? And before you even ask, I don't know if those claw things count. And no fair looking in your pants lads!" Good times. Also, I feel like I should mention that this place was the world's hugest sausage-fest...the men, OH GOD, the men!

So, we met three guys. The Totally Hot Guy, The Totally Drunk Guy, and The Totally Shady Because He Probably Has a Girlfriend Guy. I won't say much about them here because I drunkenly gave them the blog address and they might check. The hot guy was really hot. The drunk guy was REALLY drunk. In fact, he spent most of the night sitting on a chair alternating between drinking, passing out, and talking to himself. He kept asking me to get him some whiskey, as if I had that right in my purse (well, none that I was gonna give him), and talking about "monkey tennis" which I can only guess is a euphamism for something else. He was kind of funny and kind of irritating, and I was probably meaner to him than I should have been, but GOD! The Shady Guy was cute, and seemed OK, but (and I totally stand by this if he ever reads this)...kinda shady.

Anyway, I drank a LOT of rum and coke, my friend drank A LOT of rum and coke, good times were had by all.

UPDATE: I almost forgot (well, technically I DID forget), we ran into a group of 1L's from my peer mentoring group who got to see me get wasted, hit on men, and talk quite a bit about "getting laid" and "drinking my ass off" and other mentoring stuff like that. Let's just hope they drink so much this summer that they forget by next year. Sigh.

In other news, I am STILL trying to get my shit together and get all my laundry done and the house cleaned up, etc. I'm going to the Karaoke and Tequila party tomorrow night and then staying with a good friend overnight so we can go shopping Saturday and she can take me to the airport that night. I'm ready to go!
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