Monday, June 13, 2005

All your base are belong to us.

So, I'm sitting here in my room just sort of waiting to find out if I am going to work today. I've been trying to call but apparently the lady I need to speak with is out or something, and her voicemail has a different name on it which freaks me out, so I haven't left a message.

I slept from about 7 last night until almost 8 this morning...between the partying on Friday night and the red-eye flight on Saturday night, I was absolutely exhausted, but today I feel pretty energetic so that will be good if I do have to go to work. At least I won't be tired and cranky. At any rate, I'm just basically cruising the internets, catching up on my blogs, drinking Diet Coke and sort of enjoying the fact that I have nowhere to be. I did go down and join the gym that's next to my building. It was exorbitantly expensive but at least maybe I'll keep up the progress I've been making as far as exercising, or, well, barring that, maybe I'll break even with how much I'll probably drink this summer.

Met my roommate last night, she seems pretty nice so far. She likes to drink and seems fun, so that's cool. I told her about my experience with the psycho roommate last year and she assures me she's not a psycho, so I think all should be well.

Ummmmm...gosh, I guess I don't have too much to report. I've already spent WAY too much money getting out here and settled and work-clothes shopping, so I'm poor and the summer hasn't even started yet. Guess that'll make the government paycheck seem all the better. I upgraded to first class on the plane with one of my coupons I got for complaining about the last time I used this airline and they put a guy who weighed 700 pounds in the seat next to me and I got to enjoy his fabulously sweaty company in my seat with me for 6 hours. It was nice to be brought a plate of fresh melon, and to have enough room to stretch out and get comfortable. Note to self: figure out how to do first class more often.

So, I guess I will go wander around my room and keep obsessively calling this woman, and hopefully this afternoon I'll be able to go to work and meet everyone and then maybe I'll feel like some gym time or a walk or something. It's just so damn hot here! I always forget. It doesn't
"bother" me...I mean, I lived in the South most of my life, but it always takes me by surprise and then I need a few days to get used to it. In the TVPNM it is only getting into the 60's now, and it's mid-June!
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