Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I am FINALLY done with 2L. Christ, I thought it would never be over.

Of course, this presupposed that I passed all my classes, but hey, that's why we have a curve right?

In other news, the Admin exam was effing insane...thank God it's over!

Sadly, I will be cleaning house all day and trying to get stuff ready to go to D.C. I wish I could say that I was having some big drunken deal, but, alas, no. I am going to a party on Friday, the theme of which is "Tequila and Karaoke", so I think that should be good. I'm going out tomorrow night too with a newly single friend who just graduated and says she needs one last hurrah before she gets serious about bar prep...and, of course, I'm happy to oblige!

I'm off to scrub the shower.
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