Friday, June 24, 2005

Like baseball and apple pie and Chevrolet

I have work today (still no computer), then I'm going to a National's probably no posting today. Guess Friday Spies will have to be on Saturday again. In the meantime, I was thinking this morning about a trip my parents and I took before law school starting from their house in Oregon to where my grandpa lives in Idaho. I had the atlas in the backseat with me and I was sort of figuring out where we were going, just because I was bored. And then, I saw the funniest thing ever.

Whisky Dick Mountain.

I started laughing and my mom asked why and I said "OHMYGOD, we're gonna drive right by Whisky Dick Mountain!" My mom goes "Why is that funny? What does that mean?" I sort of made a lame attempt to explain and then just mumbled "Nevermind" and put my headphones back on. But I still chuckle about it every once in a while and wish I had been able to stop and get a t-shirt or something.

I have no idea why I just told that story except it just popped into my head. I'm sick like that.

See ya after baseball.
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