Thursday, June 16, 2005


Long day. Here's the summary.

Got up early for gym, then proceeded to eat bad things all day.
Job - still good.
Two new projects - both interesting.
Trying to get them to let me extern in the TVPNM office when I get back.
Went to Maryland to see good friends who are moving to Japan next week.
Rode Metro back with lots of sketchy people and three ginormous bags of groceries.
Walked through cracked out part of town to my apartment carrying said heavy ass bags of groceries.
Had argument with front office person to try to get her to go back and get the package that I knew came today with all my stuff in it even though it was after hours since otherwise I wouldn't be able to get it until Monday. Had to drop one f-bomb and a couple of only partially fake tears to get her to do it.
Getting up early for more fun gym time tomorrow morning, then will proceed to eat crap all day long and go to a happy hour.
Bed now. Tired.
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