Thursday, June 02, 2005

My knees are pleasantly plump.

I took the skirt to the suit I just bought to the alterations lady today. She is the same lady that did my bridesmaid dress for M.'s wedding, and she's very nice and from somewhere in Eastern Europe (her name is Olga). The jacket to the suit is perfect, but the skirt fell to about mid-calf, quite an awful length on most women, especially me.

First, I put on the skirt so she could see.

"OHHHHHNOOOOO, zat looks vvvvverrrry bad on you!"

Then, she pinned it.

"Zee right here, now it look muuuuuch better! You vant shorter?"

So, we took it up an inch.

"OHHHHHHNOOOO, vee need to take down one half inch. You see here? Here is top of knee and then vee need skirt to cover zat, chubby you zee?"

So, we took it down a half an inch.

"PERRRRRRRRFECT! Now vee zee only bottom of knee. PERFECT!"

Then she told me I had a beautiful smile and she didn't believe I was 30. Apparently though, I have a bit of a chubby upper knee. I do actually think she picked the most flattering length, however, I could have done without one more flaw to obsess over. CHUBBY KNEES!
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