Thursday, June 30, 2005 mean I'm very sorry. And also brought to you by the letter 2.

So, remember the Hearsay Exceptions movie that my friend made? The one I could only link to here because I can't host videos on Blogger and so AmbImb hosted it for me at Blawgcoop? Well, it got mentioned on MSNBC's Blog and got so much traffic that Blawgcoop got "throttled", which I think is a strange way of saying "shut down." Anyway, I feel kinda bad about Blawgcoop having hard times on my account, but YAY for my friend's video because it's awesome and he totally deserves all the attention...not that he's actually getting the attention since his name isn't on it. I'm sure inside he knows what a badass he is, and no one can take that away!

UPDATE: I AM STUPID. In a nod to the fact that I don't understand anything technical, upon re-reading AmbImb's post, I have discovered "throttling" is actually something one does to oneself (heh) to apparently keep traffic down? Or maybe I still don't understand. (?) Anyway, I still feel kinda bad, but not really. Write down a letter. ANY LETTER.
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