Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A question for the lay-dees (I think anyway)

It is so damn hot here that most of the time I feel like I am standing directly on the core of the sun. With that in mind, and also keeping in consideration the fact that this city is built on a swamp and therefore as soon as one walks out one's door in the morning, one starts to sweat like a proverbial pig...

Can anyone recommend a good foundation that will still look good in heat and humidity and that isn't too heavy or cakey looking? Normally in TVPNM I wear a really light sort of shimmery foundation, but here it just makes me look like I'm even more sweaty, if that's possible. I don't have any brand preferences or anything like that...I just don't like to wear anything that looks too heavy -- especially in my old age as I am starting to have *whisper* fine lines */whisper*.

Suggestions in the comment box...PUH-LEAZE! I'll love you forever...and this time I mean it.
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