Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Dear M.

Dear M.,

I was telling someone tonight about how awesome you are and how the most important part of my second marriage "where should we get married" decision was making sure you could be there and once again I feel compelled to say I LOVE YOU and THANKS FOR BEING THE BESTEST BEST FRIEND FOREVER EVER! God, even though lately we haven't gotten to talk as much, I just can't imagine my life without you as my best friend...every single day I think about you a million times! Sometimes someone says something totally stupid (often it's me) and the very first thing I think is "HOLY SHIT, I can't wait to call M. and tell her about this!"

Anyway, I hope once you're settled in your new place we'll get back on our usual practically every day talking schedule, but until then, you know that I couldn't survive without you in my life and I'm always keeping a mental list of things I'm gonna tell you when we talk and the closest I ever get to praying for anything is when you're on a mission that you'll come back safe. I HEART YOU!

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