Monday, June 13, 2005

Overheard at the Metro

"Oh no girl. Uh uh. He gave you FIVE DOLLARS? That is a total insultment. I mean, that is an insultment. I would kick my man's ass if he gave me any less than fifty. An insultment, that's what that is."

Sometimes I wish I had heard the first few sentences of a given conversation, just so I would know what might be an insultment to only get five dollars for. I have some guesses, but, you know...I could be wrong.

Also overheard while waiting for the Metro today:

Guy takes his pants LITERALLY down to his ankles and then reaches both hands into his boxers while exclaiming "GODDAMN it's HOT nuts are sweating all over the place!" He then turns to me and kind of wiggles in my general direction which causes me to give him my "go-away face." Upon seeing my look of extreme go-away-ed-ness, he says to his friend, "Damn, did you see the look that girl just gave me? It's like she a trained killer or some shit like that! Girl, you gonna kill me? My nuts are hot, that's all!"

What a fun adventure for my first day in D.C.
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