Sunday, June 05, 2005

10 hours and counting....

It is 10 hours until the start of my PR exam. All I have to do is (a) learn PR, and (b) get at least 7 hours of sleep because I'm not really that awesomely brilliant when I'm tired, which is to say, EVEN less awesomely brilliant than usual (you didn't think it possible, I know).

My study strategy has devolved from "Eh, there's plenty of time to read the book, and all the supplementary materials she gave out over the course of the quarter, and the cases, and the comments to the Model Rules...NO PROBLEM! I could do that in A DAY!" to "Oh well, I'll just read over the Model Rules a few times, try to get to the first, and hopefully summary-ific, sentence of each comment, do flashcards with LQ (who is much more prepared than me) and call it a night...still NO PROBLEM, AND I can do it in LESS THAN A DAY!"

Ignorance is bliss I tell ya!
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