Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bits and pieces.

Today I finished a memo, and had someone look over it (an actual ATTORNEY...ooooOOOOooo!) and it only needs minor corrections -- GO ME! *Pats self on back* Now, I just have to start on the four hundred other assignments on my desk and everything will be hunky dory. At least I have my fruitcake.

In other news, I am off to the store (and TARGET -- YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!) where I will be buying fun things like frozen TV dinners and Crystal Light (PS: Crystal Light On-The-Go packets are the Best. Thing. Ever. You put them into a bottle of water, shake, and VOILA -- YUMMINESS!). Clearly my life is so fab, probably most of you couldn't handle it. I am very excited that the apartment shuttle bus is going to Potomac Yard today so that I can walk around Target for an hour like a big freak, touching all the glittery shiny things.

In other OTHER news, I have not consolidated my student loans yet. I suck. I'm gonna call Direct Loans when I get home and get that party started.

Still no PR grade. My PR grade has become a full-on OCD quest for me, I check for it approximately 762 times a day. I'm sick.
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