Saturday, June 04, 2005

Friday Spies © (The Saturday Morning Re-do Edition)

1. From Janie Q: "How about your favorite tv show when you were a kid, and why hasn't it been remade into a movie, or if it has, how was that movie, or maybe it shouldn't be remade at all?"

I was an avid TV watcher as a kid...sort of your prototypical bookworm indoorsy parked in front of the tube kind of kid. I really liked Hunter and would get super excited when I was allowed to stay up late to watch it. I loved Miami Vice, MacGyver, Magnum P.I., The A-Team...I could go on and on. I think if I had to choose one for movie-hood it would be MacGyver. It would be great as a movie, and Richard Dean Anderson is still way hot.

On the other hand, I heard Miami Vice is already being made into a movie, and I don't have much of a desire to see that at all.

2. Stag asks: ""Tell us about your favorite vacation or your fav place to go on vacation."

My favorite vacation was my cross-country road trip with M. a couple years ago when I drove from Texas to my law school city. We went to the Grand Canyon, a bunch of touristy stuff like the Continental Divide and a ghost town in the Mojave Desert, and then drove up Highway 101 along the coast of northern California and Oregon, and then stayed with my parents for a while before I headed to school. The coast there between N. CA and OR is one of my most favorite places on the planet, it's beautiful and gorgeous and no one should go their whole life without seeing the ancient redwood forests and agate and driftwood filled beaches. Gorgeous! Plus, M. and I had a great time just talking and driving and drinking beer at dive bars across the was really awesome.

My next favorite "vacation" was actually not a vacation, but a trip I took for the Air Force to Germany. That's where I fell in love with German beer and I just loved everything about the country, it was beautiful and the people were really warm (unlike France where people weren't mean or anything, but it just isn't really my thing and the people aren't really outgoing and friendly like in Spain or Germany). I also loved Spain and Hawaii and would go back to either place in a minute.

If I could choose a place to go right now, it would definitely be somewhere beachy...Tahiti maybe? M. and I watched an IMAX movie about Tahiti once and I have to say, it looks like a place I could love!

3. Soup inquires: "Are you a fan ofGet Fuzzy?

Sorry Soup...nope. I don't even read the comics in the paper. I've never been able to get into comics except maybe The Far Side and that's probably only because my mom thinks they're really funny and always buys the books so they're around the house and when I'm bored I read them.

4.Sebastian Haff has a burning desire to know: "[Which] celebrities [do] you think are most likely to pose in Playboy and why[?]"

Well, I won't go with Whorebag Spears because it's been mentioned several times and I think it's just a given.

I think we might start to see some of the older actresses who are just filled to the brim with silicone and botox posing and trying to prove their eternal youngness. My best guess would be Melanie Griffith...complete with the Antonio Forever tattoo and her giant trout-like lips. Nicolette Sheridan is probably a good candidate as well...she's definitely had her fair share of work done. I could also see Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff posing together in a few years, sort of a "Yeah, we're both washed up and never had any talent anyway, but look, we're finally realizing we're too much alike not to be friends and lay around naked together" centerfold type of thing.

5.Energy Spatula gets to the heart of the matter with the final question for the week: "Why don't you write about which one [Fitz-Hume or Milbarge] is a huge liar?"

I'm not sure who's the biggest liar. Fitz specifically told us he didn't have any good law school stories to write about, and then Milby was all "We have so many great stories it could be a sitcom and by the way I'd be played by Zach Braff." Milby told us he was going on sabbatical/hiding/"taking a break" and then couldn't stop posting for even a few's it going there Mr. Long Time Reader? So, I would say they've both lied to me and betrayed my trust. Now I just need to figure out which one has the most substance abuse problems and criminal tendencies and voila! Husband #3!
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