Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Happy-ish Hour

We had a little happy hour after work was good but I wish more of the attorneys had shown up, but I guess everyone is probably pretty busy and stuff, plus they have "families" and "obligations." The ones who did come were interesting though and everyone really seems to love their jobs, so that's cool.

Still no computer.

Still no grades.

Still no hot men to report on, although I saw some very interesting and cute men at a little thing the agency had this morning, so that was nice. Sadly I was blinded by the glare off all the wedding rings. Damnit.

Now I'm hungry but have no way to cook dinner and all the cheap places around here are closed and even if they weren't I don't want to eat by myself again, for the eleventeenth night in a row. I think I'll just have a Slimfast and go to bed early.

I wish I had TV.
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