Saturday, June 18, 2005

Harrowing experience of the day.

I went to Maryland today to help my friends who are moving take care of their son and keep an eye on the movers who were packing and moving their stuff out of their house today. Plus, my friends leave for Japan on Tuesday for three years, so this weekend is the last time I get to hang out with them for awhile. Anyway, my friend drove me to the Metro station near their house for me to catch my train back to D.C. and just as I was coming up the stairs to the train platform I could hear the voice over the speaker basically saying to move away from the platform because the train would be leaving soon.

So, I ran up the stairs, determined to catch my train and not have to wait another half hour or whatever for the next train, and all the people who had just gotten off were coming down both the steps and the escalator (the up-escalator was broken) and not leaving any way for people to get up to the train. By the time I finally broke through all the people, the doors were making the little bell noise that they were about to close, and so I made a jump for it to try to get on the train before the door closed.

And that's when it happened. One minute I was trying to hop through the door, the next minute I was suspended from my backpack which was closed tight in the Metro doors. I've seen people get briefcases and stuff stuck before and the doors have always opened right back I was like "hey, don't worry...the doors will open!" But they didn't open. Nothing happened. So, this GIGANTIC black guy reaches out, pull me out of my backpack, and then pulls my backpack out of the doors (taking a huge hunk of the weather stripping around the door off in the process) and just silently hands it to me. I think I was kind of in shock, just a second before I had been stuck in the door...clotheslined by own dirty backpack!

I thanked him for his brute strength (I actually said that) and he said no problem, and his girlfriend or wife goes "You better be glad he pulled your ass out, you woulda been hanging out that door all the way to Rockville!" Yes ma'am, I am exceedingly glad your husband/boyfriend pulled me out because I had no desire to go on some sort of action movie-esque Metro ride from hell!

In other news, the word on the street is that I met a bunch of bloggers for drinks last's true, and it was fun! Good times were (I think) had by all.
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