Thursday, June 09, 2005

Damn you GOOGLE!

Is anyone (besides me) unable to get Gmail to load this morning? Mine has not been loading since last night when I got home (does 3am count as last night?) drunken emails were able to be sent (so sad!). I have the little Gmail notifier so I can see I have new mail, but when I try to get to the program it says "Loading" for like one second and then the screen is totally blank and the little bar at the bottom of the window says "Done"...which is a huge LIE by the way! It's so not done!

Anyway, is it just me?

UPDATE: Got it working. I have to go do about 10 million loads of laundry, plus I have the tiniest bit of a hangover, and apparently my security clearance for work hasn't gone through yet(3 out of the 4 interns in my office haven't been granted their clearance not just me) so I'm leaving for D.C. and I may not start work for days or weeks...sigh.
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