Monday, June 06, 2005

v. v. busy

PR -- both harder and easier than I expected. Lots of issues. Think I passed but probably not with any degree of stellar-arity.

Admin -- tomorrow morning at 8:30. Very, very scared. Gave up outlining and am just trying to cram what I can in before tomorrow.

I spent the whole night tossing and turning and worrying about stuff I have to do before I leave on Saturday. Why hasn't my boss emailed me back? Are they mad because I forgot to turn in my paperwork to get on the intern intranet? Can I get another key for my apartment since GK's kid is going to stay here for a couple weeks? Where is my birth certificate? Do I have another box of checks? When do I have time to go shopping for some work clothes? When will I have time to mail a box of stuff that won't fit in my luggage to my friend's house who are picking me up from the airport? What if it doesn't get there on time and I don't have alarm clock Monday morning? What if I don't get to work on time? Should I go buy pantyhose here or there?

See what I mean? I'm an anxiety-ridden mess! I did go for my walk today so hopefully that used up some of my excess energy that I would normally use to worry all night.

I found this picture and immediately thought of, well, myself.

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