Tuesday, June 21, 2005

In a VAN. Down by the RIVER.

I just got done having dinner at the food court at Union Station. By myself. I had to go to the gym after work today because I left my MP3 at work last night and couldn't bring myself to go this morning without tunes. After that I sauntered on down to the train station to eat one of the crappiest fast food meals I've ever had. I don't have any cooking utensils or any of that stuff here, so I'm sort of relegated to sandwiches and things I buy, but maybe I'll have to suck it up and get some microwave meals to zap in the communal microwave or something. Shit.

I still don't have a computer at work. The other interns got theirs today so I am hoping mine will come tomorrow. I still love the job and think the people are awesome. Tomorrow they are doing a little happy hour for us so that should be fun...and it will keep me from another night alone in the train station for the love of God.

Other than all of that, the weather here has been awesome...I wish I knew someone right around here that liked to walk as much as I do because I would love to go for walks at night like I did last summer with my friend that lived in the building, but, for obvious reasons, I don't think it's too smart to tool around downtown by myself at night. I've been trying to go out and walk after work and just wander around for an hour or two...it's sort of relaxing and I always find new things to do and see.

Everybody cross your fingers that I get a computer at work soon or I might go crazy...I never realized how truly addicted I am!
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