Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Oh yeah

Finished the Admin comment (we had to write a comment to an agency about a proposed rule) in approximately 32 minutes. HELL YEAH. This is the last in an ongoing assignment that I managed to do in the total wrong format all quarter, and then the program we electronically submit stuff on wouldn't let me go back and edit. So, I finished the final (cumulative) assignment to reflect the way it should have been all along and turned it in with a little electronic note that said, essentially, "Sorry I can't follow even the simplest of written instructions, and also I tried to go back and edit but to no avail, so here's my final cumulative project, in the right format, and...uh...yeah, sorry I'm stupid."

No more classes left in 2L. I wonder if I'll feel good after exams or if it will be kind of anti-climactic (sp?)? For sure I'll feel drunk, but, actually, I'll probably try to do a bunch of house/get ready to move/clothes shopping things during the week and save the drinking for Friday night after exams...then all my friends will be done too and I can celebrate with them, instead of getting drunk and sitting alone on my couch watching Bridget Jones and blogging about totally unrealized dreams of the perfect Cabana Boy.

I think it might even quit raining long enough for me to get a walk in today -- YAY! I was starting to feel a little cabin-feverish last night after finally getting in the habit of getting some regular exercise and then being thwarted by the weather for a couple of days in a row.

Lunch, then PR outlining. Sigh. It's neverending. Truly.
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