Wednesday, June 15, 2005

It's not the heat, it's the humidity.

I happen to be a firm believer that it is actually the humidity that is so gawdawful around here, and so imagine my overwhelming happiness and surprise when I stepped out of work today and the humidity had broken and it was just plain old Dry and Hot. I was so excited that I came home and changed and went for a 2 hour walk all around my area of the city, stopping to get library books and dinner.

My library card from last summer is still good, so, unlike most of my friends who are trying to read litturashure this summer, I got four novels by authors I love...including the new Spenser novel by Robert Parker and the new Robin Cook novel. YAY! I'm gonna save the trashy romances for later in the summer.

Work was good today. Still having a hard time because of the no computer situation, but the lawyers are SO FRIENDLY! I got taken to a meeting today (that didn't happen once all last summer), and one of the lawyers who was out of town at a trial came by to introduce himself because he just got out of the Air Force (after 20 years) and is from the TVPNM...he's so nice! Everyone is so damn nice, it's crazy! Tomorrow they are having a breakfast for us (the interns) and next week we're going to a couple of different functions within the agency. It's so exciting to be included and have projects and just generally be thought of as an asset instead of a pain in the ass that everyone has to deal with all summer. I got some cool work to do too...wish I could tell you, but, nope...sorry. Trust me though, it's way interesting and right up my alley.

Let's see...what else? Oh yeah, I went to spinning class this morning before work. HOLY SHIT! The girl that teaches it is in crazy shape and is totally perky and great teacher. Think I'm going to start going to the Mon and Wed morning classes, and I may even have (s)talked one of my fellow interns into going with that would be fun to have a buddy there too. We're also going to try out this other class called "Bosu." That's where you do an entire workout and stuff on this weird round platform that makes you have to balance and stuff. Should be way fun for me since I'm known for my awesome balance and coordination.

Not sure when I'm going to be having time to blog...looks like mostly in the evenings right now since I'm getting up at the crack of dawn to make it to the gym and then to work by 9, but who knows, I might find more free time once I'm on more of a routine schedule. Anyway, so far so good...job is awesome still on the second day, and the interns are still friendly and nice, and the attorneys and whatnot at work are still cool. Yes! Now I have to go get my laundry out of the machine...too bad the drudgery doesn't end, even during the summer!

PS: I am all of the sudden inexplicably nervous about grades. Why didn't the anxiety come during the time I was/could have been/should have been studying? That third set of exams just fries my's two weeks later and I'm finally starting to go "Oh shit, perhaps I should have actually made even a half-hearted attempt to care about all this." Too little -- too late...story of my legal academic career.
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