Sunday, June 19, 2005

Bow chicka bow bow

So, I went to the National Zoo today with my friends and their 2-year old son (we'll call him Bobby)...and let me tell you, we all learned a little bit about "monkey love" over at the outdoor monkey habitat.

First, the two monkeys were frolicking (sp?) about, rolling in the grass and holding hands and just sort of running around having a good time.

AWWWWWWW, so cute. Look Bobby, the monkeys are friends!

Then, the monkeys lay on the ground and start cuddling and hugging each other.

OHHHHHHHHHHH, look Bobby, now they're hugging because they love each other! Isn't that nice how they love each other and want to always give hugs and kisses?

And then...well....

Monkey #1 sits on Monkey #2's face and starts rubbing back and forth on Monkey #2's outstretched tongue.

UHHHHHHHHHHH, hey Bobby, let's go over and see the giraffes! Don't you want to see a giraffe!? PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHERE ARE THE DAMN GIRAFFES???

Seriously, these two monkeys were going TO TOWN, and everyone standing there cooing about how cute they were with the hugging and the playing turned red and just immediately walked away, dragging their kids behind them. It was kinda funny and kinda really gross. Monkey love. Heh.
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