Friday, June 24, 2005

Ho. Lee. Shit.

Two of my three grades came out today...(my fourth "class", the appellate competition, was credit/no credit). I did just fine and I'm very happy about it. Especially Admin which I really liked and worked hard in and for once I feel like my grade reflects how hard I worked. The other grade was Law and Terrorism, and I guess I expected to do well in there somehow given my background and whatnot. Now, even if I fail PR, it was all worth it. Wow...two quarters in a row above the curve...better be careful, pigs could be flying any minute! Strangely, this quarter was THE LEAST I have ever that's very interesting. I think I paid attention more in class but studied and prepared for exams less and wasn't really stressed out...there's got to be a correlation somewhere there, right?

In other news, I went to the ball game tonight and had quite a lot of beer (well, not too much because work people were there...but I would say I'm slightly buzzed). The other interns were all there and I feel really lucky that they seem like such nice people and I get along with them so well. I sat next to my boss and told him how much I love my job and would love to work for the agency next year and blah blah, at least the bug is in his ear.

Two quarters above the curve. Damn. Damn.
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