Monday, January 10, 2005

Where's my red pen?

I have been crazy busy all day today reorganizing spreadsheets for my boss and doing a last-minute paper for my Law and Pop Culture class...well, last minute because I apparently didn't read the syllabus very carefully. Anyway, soon I have to go home to mentally and emotionally prepare for becoming a full-fledged adult tomorrow. I'll leave you with some odds and ends.

1. A very nice new blogger is on the block, her blog is called Res Ipsa Loquitur and I've been corresponding with her a bit. Check it out. OR ELSE. She's a 2L at Temple, I think.

2. The lady in the carrel in front of me needs to die. It sounds like she has encased herself and all her possessions in stiff cellophane wrap and so everytime she moves it sounds like when Molly the Satanic Dog gets ahold of some bubblewrap. ANNOYING!

3. The aforementioned paper that had to get written rather on the fly today had to concern miscommunication between people because of their genders. I so wanted to just give him the synopsis of the Ladder Theory, but decided to write about one of my ex-husband's instead. Hopefully he'll get a kick out of it because I could use the points, and let's face it, I'm kinda the queen of this subject with two ex-husbands behind me by the tender age of 27.

4. I need a good Admiralty supplement...the textbook I'm using is by Healy and Sharpe...any recommendations from someone who's taken Admiralty?

5. Clear Error is up and running. The premise is an anonymous group blog where some of us will post things that don't necessarily belong or fit on our regular sites. The first posts went up last night and this morning.

May post more later. Right now I intend to try to finish my reading and then hopefully fit in a screening of Secretary tonight (thanks M. for buying it for me!).
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