Sunday, January 09, 2005

1-900-Muffin Viking

The birthday party was a great success. My fabulous friends brought me lots of booze and presents, and ALL the presents were even wrapped in pretty pink paper! AND, in honor of my upcoming birthday, God made it snow and be totally beautiful this morning. "They" have been saying it's going to snow for like four days and it just hasn't...and then yesterday was supposed to be the last day of a chance of snow. However, I got up early this morning, opened the blinds, and the whole world was covered in soft, white, velvety snow. And it's still pouring out of the sky! Apparently it's supposed to stop by 10am and then turn to rain and all wash away, which is actually fine since it seems to really mess up the roads here because people are morons and can't drive in it, but it's really pretty right now...and a good excuse for not heading to school too early.

Anyway, back to the party. We went to dinner at The Macaroni Grill, which is brand new here. They have pieces of paper on top of the tables and give you crayons to draw on the table while you wait. The best parts of dinner were when my one friend wrote ALL over the table with the crayons, and then went "OHMYGOD, I just drew all that on the real tablecloth!" It was so funny. Also, her boyfriend wrote on the table "For a good time, call 1-900-Muffin-Viking." I don't know why, but Muffin Viking is just so funny to me, I almost died laughing.

After dinner we came back here and ate cake (the most FABULOUS cake ever made, by my pal LQ), and played a new game my friends got me called "Fact or Crap." Basically you read out these little trivia tidbits and everyone shouts out "Fact" or "Crap"...there's more to it, but essentially that's it. It was fun, and a good drinking the end of it I had two cards in my hand, one that said "Crap" and one that said "Fact" and I was actually having to read the cards to answer the questions because I kept answering "True" and "False." Good clean fun was had by all. My friends are was such a good time! I think another game night might be on the horizon soon, I have an ENTIRE fridge full of beer that's gonna need to be shared.
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