Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Anxiety is FUN!



This is a sterling week, the "f" word twice and all...that's two times more than in the entire history of this blog.

Yeah, so I just spent like 2 weeks doing my SF-86 for my summer job, for those of you not in the know, that's a security clearance questionairre. It goes back 10 years. I had to do not one, not two, but THREE continuation sheets because I've moved and changed jobs so much. Right on the front of the form, which I spent the last two weeks completing, it says that you may type or print in black ink, so I printed because the place I'm going to be working didn't provide me with an electronic copy, and I couldn't find a fillable form on the internet. So, over the past TWO WEEKS, I have diligently filled out this entire form....all 18 pages with attachments. Today I got fingerprinted which was basically the last thing I had to do. And then. DISASTER. While getting ready (procrastinating) for my Hearsay quiz tomorrow I decided to look over my forms. And there, in TEENY TINY BABY MOUSE-WRITING, on another form, a form not even remotely associated with the SF-86, it says "and...we will not accept the questionairre in any format except typed." GREAT!

So, I spent an hour looking for a fillable form on the internet, because who the hell has a typewriter anymore, and then three hours transcribing my forms into it, only to find out I CAN'T SAVE IT. I swear I almost cried. I just printed it out and if it's wrong, oh well...they're getting it "as is"...especially since I can't feel any of the fingertips on my left hand and have typed this sentence fifteen times to get it right...I don't want to tell you how awful the forms were with all the numbers and small little spaces and, oh god, the TABBING I had to do. It was awful!

I had to go to a totally other site to get a fillable continuation form, and download some stupid program that I had to register for, but, two weeks and four hours later it's done. For what it's worth.

Tomorrow I have to just do the little specialized resume they make you do for government jobs, and then I *HAVE* to FedEx or it's gonna be late. *Sigh*

I also have to go figure out why, despite all statistical evidence to the contrary, I get EVERY single Hearsay example question wrong. Probability says I should get at least 50% right, right? Maybe this is a sign of another dimension, or an alternate reality...the Hearsay Zone! Where every statement may or may not be an assertion but probably not, especially if you think it is, and every time you think something goes to the truth of the matter asserted, it's really an operative legal fact. BOOOOOOO!
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