Sunday, January 02, 2005

12 hours until school starts again...

I got home safely, I know you were all waiting by your computers to know that so I thought I better check in.

I am sitting here doing my first day's reading watching TV, and guess what? Here in Hippieville Central it is now ILLEGAL to put recyclables in your regular trash. I have a couple of thoughts about that. First of all, who the hell is going to enforce it? If there are extra people in the city available to inspect people's trash, perhaps they could fix the HUGE EFFING CLUSTERF*CK that *is* our beloved totally inadequate and poorly planned freeway. Also, I am sort of assuming the "law" only applies to people who have recycling as an option, because I know that in my apartment complex we don't have a place to everything, including mattresses, couches, boxes, giant sacks of bottles, and probably bodies, all go in the huge dumpster in the parking lot. Anyway, bottom just seems stupid. It's a nice thought, I guess, but it's a stupid waste of resources to continue to make laws that will not/cannot be enforced. /soapbox

I'm pondering some other possible topics, including an introduction to Ex#2, and perhaps a few good E. Spat and M. stories (if she OK's it)...and as always, I'm open for fact, I love suggestions...if just for the email that they come in. I heart the attention.

Ooooohhh...and guess what the news guy just told me? It's supposed to be non-rainy but freezing cold all week...maybe I won't wither away as a victim of Seasonal Affective Disorder just yet. I'll take cold and sunny over five degrees warmer and three solid months of rain anytime!
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