Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I hate popcorn. Get that away from me.

There are only 6 shopping days left until my birthday, which is one week from today...so, in case you haven't picked out an appropriate gift yet, here are some ideas.

This for luck.

This to keep me from making the same mistakes. Again. And again.

These because they're pink. And I heart them.

This because I've heard it's fab. And I love booze. Especially pink booze.

This because I really need to get a Cabana Boy. And even though I missed the auction this year, I could still make it next year. (You have to go through the 11-slide slide show to get the full effect of the Talkeetna, Alaska Bachelor Auction). Also, my friend here says that in Alaska "The Odds Are Good, But The Goods Are Odd." And people, those are the kinds of odds I'm looking for.

This because...well...frankly, I'm a sick person and nothing would make me happier than to create an entire office of people stuck in cubicles and then find new ways to torture them.
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