Friday, January 14, 2005

I heart clean clothes.

Just in case you were wondering, the comment I made in the post below about how I'd rather be doing laundry must have been like a beacon to the Gods...a big fat lightening rod of bad luck pointed directly at and my dirty laundry.

Three washers full of clothes. Two out of three don't spin the clothes, thereby leaving me with sopping wet loads of still sudsy laundry. The washers AND dryers take a laundry card that you have to preload with money in order to operate them. The money loader machine thingie is in the apartment office. Therefore, if you only have $3 left on your card, enough for three loads of laundry to be dried, and it's after 5pm...your only choice is to dry as much as you can and then hang up about 90 million various and sundry pieces of clothing all over your apartment and hope for the best. So much for cleaning up.

My Friday night was spent reading about ten million pages of my Evidence book in preparation for a paper that needs to be written this weekend. God, I love law school. On the up side, Beefy got all moved into his new digs and seems happy about how much bigger this tank is, yet seems creeped out by the filter. Guess I'll have to get him used to it in stages.

Tomorrow night...Chimay on tap at a local bar. But not too much, let's not forget my resolution to be a more mature and upstanding citizen now that I'm out of my hedonistic 20's.
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