Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Third-day, all-knowing, all-seeing, course review.

OK...I've now been to all of my new classes this quarter and feel qualified to give my professional and scholarly opinion.

Admiralty and Maritime Law: LOVE IT! Professor is awesome, subject so far is interesting, and there are apparently ships called "tramps" which means I'm going to get to say "tramp" a whole bunch in class. AND, added bonus, the prof explained that tramps are called that because "they work for whoever is willing to pay them." HAHAHAHA. I think that's directed more towards the traditional definition of tramp, but I'm willing to twist it to suit my own perverted sense of humor.

Federal Courts and The Federal System: Professor seems really good. He paces back and forth like a fiend which can be sort of distracting, but he's engaging and there are just enough people in the class who are really passionate about legal stuff to take the pressure off of those of us who don't really have anything substantial or intelligent to contribute. The book is 100%, Grade A poo. It's terrible. 1600 pages, each more obtuse and unintelligible than the last...and all at the bargain basement price of $101.97. What a racket this textbook crap is. The material itself is...well...kinda dry. But, stuff I think I need to know. And no math. Yet.

Law, Literature, and Film (aka Law and Pop Culture): Professor is actually my current Evidence professor and was my Criminal Law professor last year. He's very interested in this particular subject and I think wishes he had become a writer instead of a lawyer. The assignments are pretty interesting since each week we read a book and can write papers in the form of regular legal type analysis papers, or works of fiction involving the issues we see in the book, or even journal entries ranging on all different topics as they come up while we're reading...sort of stream of consciousness. He's going to let me write an analytic (our BIG legal writing requirement) on blogging if I want to, and I'm definitely considering it.

Evidence is a continuation of last quarter.

Overall I'm thrilled with my classes this quarter. I have a lot more free time during the day than I did last quarter, the challenge is to use it for good and not evil...more work, less blogging. Also, the reading is going to be ridiculous. On the other hand, only ONE final!! HOORAY!

PS: I got a job offer today from a place that declined to interview me during OCI. A job offer and they never even interviewed me. Do I smell desperation?
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