Thursday, January 27, 2005

Did ya get the memo?

I finally got all my paperwork done. And notice I use the word "done" rather than "carefully completed" or "totally correct." I felt a little guilty today when I noticed on yet another sheet of paper a web address to go to with fillable forms on it, but then I didn't feel guilty anymore when I went to the website and none of the forms were there.

Anyway, here's to another dramatic saga over and done with (unless they return them because they are somehow "not right" in which case I will first kill whoever made Acrobat fillable forms non-save-able*, and then myself).

Now I am going to a lunch presentation put on by my CivPro professor from last year to talk to the 1L's about what I did on my summer vacation. I'm going to leave off all the stuff that happened in bars. And after bars. And, you know, whatnot. I worked hard, stayed in my room reading Supreme Court opinions to broaden my knowledge of the law, did not stay up late, drink too much, or carouse with strange men. Nope, not me.

I have a few posts percolating around in my brain, but no time to write them really. Maybe tomorrow.

*Is this a word? Even a little bit?
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