Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A Tale of a Fateful Trip

Alright people, let me relate a cautionary tale to you this morning. This story involves me, MANY rounds of Harp, a shot of something that was on fire, and some tequila. And it involves my friends giving me these things in a bar last night during a spontaneous birthday party. And now, it involves me not being at school today because I'm dying, or hoping to, very soon.

Alright, as it turns out, I'm far too tired and hungover to actually write an entire cautionary tale. Suffice it to say, you should not mix all those types of alcohol on a Tuesday night when you have an 8:30am class. I have to go lay on the couch now and mainline water and Advil in the hopes that at least part of this day can still be saved. Ironically, it seems that at my 30th birthday party, the lesson I learned is that I'm too old to drink like that anymore. *Sigh*

UPDATE: Per the suggestions in the comments, here's the post I put up last night when I got home from the bar, and which I deleted at some point during the night (I have no idea when or why)...enjoy.

I want to thank all myf riends who gaveme something that waS ON FIRE toniht, a shot or something, and also like twnty bers and other stuff lik twquila...i am so sik i want to die. i love you gusy, but you suk.
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