Friday, January 07, 2005

Random Mirrored Wall Story

I'm watching this show Clean Sweep on TLC where they come in and clean up these people's house and teach them to be organized and give a room in their house a makeover. I know, it's lame...but I can't help it.

So, the semi-hunky carpenter is wearing a shirt that says "Got Wood?" with the sleeves cut off. And the uptight designer is telling him all about her plans for these people's bedroom. (This is super-paraphrased).

Designer: "Well, the first thing we're gonna do is get rid of this full wall of mirrored closet doors."
Carpenter: "Why?"
Designer: "Because nothing impedes romance like a wall full of mirrors."
Carpenter: "I happen to think a wall full of mirrors is essential to romance."
Designer: *blushes and stutters*

This reminds me of a trip I took once in the Air Force. I checked into this hotel because the billeting on base was full, and they put me into one of those all suite hotels. I was so tired I just threw my stuff on the bed and walked out to get dinner. When I got back I laid down on the bed to watch TV and all of the sudden I realized the headboard of the bed was a huge mirror that went all the way to the ceiling. It was like they bought the headboard from a brothel that went out of business or something. Sorry, that wasn't a great story...but I felt compelled to share.
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