Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Don't can totally wear it again!

I am not ignoring you, happy and faithful readers, I am doing work. So I can get paid. So I can buy lots and lots of booze when I visit M. for her wedding next month. I have to go bridesmaid dress shoppping tomorrow as a matter of fact, since I leave three weeks from today.

And, just to prove to you how super-awesome M. is, she has put no prohibitions on the bridesmaid dress except that it not be the same color as her wedding dress (which is going to be pink, she's having it made special, just for her). So, I can't complain because as of right now I am hoping to not even have to *enter* a bridal shop AT ALL, I am going to hit downtown TVPNM tomorrow and see if I can find a nice cocktail dress at any of the major department stores. I would love to have a nice dress I can wear again, but in the absence of that I'll take something that (a) is flattering in even the most remote way, and (b) is comfortable, since the wedding sounds like it is going to be 1/8 wedding and 7/8 booze and reception (no compaints here, that's my kind of ratio). Anyway, hopefully I'll find something this weekend because I would love to have that off my mind.

Today I am trying to get 6 hours of "paid" work done, plus I have a Hearsay quiz tomorrow in Evidence, and tomorrow is my long day at school, class from 8:30-3:30, and then a meeting of the horrible committe I am on, and then, if I'm not dead or in jail, dress shopping. Thank GOD it's Thursday.

Also, the school is having a poker tournament to raise money for Tsunami relief and I don't really know how to play poker except on the machines in Vegas where I mainly push the buttons according to "what looks pretty" or "what isn't spinning" you think I could do it? I think it sounds fun but I don't want to look like a total jackass...or, you know, more of a jackass than usual.

Oh yeah, and I got fingerprinted today for my summer employment paperwork. No cute cops AT ALL, in the whole place. Seeing as how both my ex-husband's were cops, that's probably a good thing. I seem to have some issues. It's EITHER the polyester uniforms OR the swagger and the guns...I'm betting on the latter, but who knows.
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