Sunday, January 16, 2005

A little slice of random E.Spat Heaven.

I am inexplicably in a great mood this morning. I think I have reached Chimay nirvana or something...I had just enough to make me feel so happy, but not enough to make the next morning icky. Also, I'm on my second Diet Coke of the morning in my favorite form, the 20oz plastic bottle. In my perfect world all Diet Coke would come in ice-cold in 20oz plastic bottles (and would not give me brain clouds). Also, Chimay would flow through the land like a lazy river of goodness and harmony and Cabana Boys would peel caramel hershey's kisses like grapes and bend my straw to just the right angle to allow me to drink Chimay directly from the flowing river of happy beerness.'s like my own version of heaven. Oh yeah, and Jimmy Buffett would serenade me and the Cabana Boys so that I could relax and so they would have music to work's so hard to clean my apartment and make me snacks without good music. And I would have a fabulous dog not named after a venereal disease for Beefy to play with, and pink notebooks to write in, and sweet cream ice cream with caramel and mini-marshmallows in it, and medium point rollerball gel ink pens, and pumpkin nectarine scented oil for my oil burner, and five million different shades of pink yarn to crochet.
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