Monday, January 31, 2005

I'm putting all this down in my memoirs, so if I grow up twisted and warped, the world will know why.

Due to the fact that the lady who sold me my new bridesmaid dress extraordinaire was apparently not paying attention to detail I have to borrow my friend's car and drive YET AGAIN to another city to have the damn security tag thing removed. It's actually not that far away, but the tag has to get removed so I can go see the alterations lady and get my friend's car back by the time he gets out of class since, presumably, he has other things to do than have me driving it around all the damn time.

Aside from bridesmaid dress drama, I am super busy with school and work. My "real" work wants me to complete this online training that is taking forever and features scintillating items like "Beryllium Awareness Training" and "Identify the Alarm Code" and "Magenta and Yellow Tape Means Don't Touch Or You Will Glow In The Dark." I'm not sure why I have to complete the entire training since I work mostly from home or the library, but I guess I have that to look forward to tonight.

In other news, three writing classes, plus Fed Courts, plus work, plus this blog = hand not getting any better. Since several people have asked me about it via email, the update is that I have a Dr.'s appointment on Feb. 7th. I'm not sure how much good it does to hear him say "Yup, it's severe carpal tunnel" when my insurance is so crappy that it would probably cost a fortune to take any corrective action, and I definitely don't have time for surgery and several weeks of recovery. On the upside, as my friend pointed out the other day, at least now it's a pre-existing condition.

Anyhow, as you can see, I feel like the world is moving approximately 20 times faster than me right now, but hopefully I'll make some real progress with work and with the dress situation today and that will allow me to actually get marginally caught up in at least one of my classes.
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