Sunday, January 02, 2005

Going home...or leaving home?

It snowed last night, but my dad assures me it's not enough to interfere with my travel plans, and since he's a pilot he's usually pretty savvy about these things...guess that means I'm headed back to the TVPNM today, like it or not.

As always, I'm excited to be going back to my home with all my stuff and my familiar routines. I am a person that thrives on having a routine and anything that messes it up really wreaks havoc in my life. I know I have to get a bunch of "real work" done this week to make up for my rather paltry progress over the break...I'm sure my boss will want to meet with me soon and I'd rather not have to show him what I have now without some serious organization happening to it...he'd probably cry his eyes out right now if he saw the state his project was in!

I already went to the store this morning for more yarn. MORE YARN!!! I have to finish the blue scarf I'm making and since it's super wide it's taking a lot of yarn. Plus, it's like I'm afraid they won't have yarn in the TVPNM...what is wrong with me? I think because I'm always so...ummmm...energetic (hyper) it's just nice to have a hobby that sort of keeps me focused and my hands busy. But, now I'm forced to embrace crocheting with the all-consuming obsession with which I embrace all new first. Who knows how long it will last. Everyone I know will probably get one scarf and then I'll move on to weaving baskets out of llama hair or something. I think my next project is going to be learning to make a hat though.

I guess I've procrastinated long enough...time to pack up, clean up and endure my dad asking me four hundred times "Did you look under the bed? Did you walk around and check if you had everything? Did you get your CD out of the truck?" It's like he thinks if I leave something behind I can never have it back again. Meanwhile, my mom trails around behind him going "Don't worry, if you leave anything we'll just mail it to you." Then he gives us both withering looks that clearly say "Women...WTF?" and wanders off into his workshop to make more sawdust.
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