Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Things that piss me off today.

I am all fired up tonight about a variety of topics. Allow me to share just a couple with you.

1. There is a trash can next to where our bank of mailboxes are inside my apartment building. In front of the mailboxes is a little cubby thing with a railing where you put mail that has been misrouted. Above the trash can is a sign that says "This trash can is not for resident use. Please do not put your unwanted mail in it because that fills it up and makes it impossible for others to use the trashcan." WHAT THE F*CK? We live in a locked and gated building, who comes in it besides residents? Who are these mysterious trash tossing wanderers that are using this can? So, everyone throws their junk mail into the little misrouted mail bin, which then overflows all over the floor, and makes a huge giant mess. And meanwhile, there is a TOTALLY EFFING EMPTY trashcan RIGHT THERE! Right there! Empty! It is so stupid, and every day when I come home it makes me mad.

2. Divorce is not easy. It is WRONG to tell people who have been divorced that "divorce is the easy way out." The easy way out is to live in a shitty marriage for the rest of your life, not dealing with any of your problems, blaming everyone else, and pawning the whole thing off on your kids...as in "we stay together because it's better for our kids." Children deserve to grow up in an environment where they are taught that people in relationships love and respect each other, and if their parents are unhappy, they deserve to have parents that preserve their parenting relationship in whatever way is most effective for taking care of their kids AND themselves. Similarly, people without kids should be allowed to escape abusive relationships, wrong relationships, mistaken relationships, or ANY OTHER relationship they don't want without having to deal with the snide social commentary of people who don't know what the f*ck they are talking about.

2a. My second ex-husband used to tell me that I was "damaged goods" because I had been married before...and I think internally that's how he justified not treating me well or respecting me as a person and a woman. And, I think that's how a lot of people still think of divorced women, that we are somehow "less than" other women and therefore don't really deserve to find anyone good in our lives, after all, we already squandered our chances, right? Well, just in case you're one of the people that think that way (and I know none of my readers think that way because you're all awesome!), I want you to know that people internalize your cruelty and judgments...so, maybe just once, think before you speak.

3. I have NO IDEA why I am so riled up tonight. No clue. But a lot of stuff is pissing me off. I'm gonna go try to relax, if I can, and think calm and happy thoughts. Maybe I'll crochet a scarf.
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