Thursday, January 06, 2005

All the news that's fit to print.

It feels like Friday because my class tomorrow got cancelled. Unfortunately I'm going to be spending all day at school trying to get semi-caught-up, but at least I don't have to talk to anyone...that's a total bonus.

I have a professor who, while trying to fix the computer in class this morning, kept saying "I'm almost there." Which is funny. It just is. Soupie suggested I respond with "OH GOD, don't STOP, I'm LEARNING." Which is also funny. But, since he's the best professor on the whole planet, I think I'll just leave him be.

I was thinking about a recent post over at BTQ by Fitz about fat, ugly sitcom stars and how they're always showed married to hot women on their TV shows (and in real life it seems like). And, aside from the fact that I could write a whole post on that subject if I wasn't so lazy, what it made me wonder is "How can a girl know if a boy likes her?" (I have no idea why it made me wonder that). Like, we know when he's NOT into us...cuz we read the book...but how do we know if he IS into us? It sounds stupid, but I wonder about these things. And someday a boy might like me again and I won't know because I'll be too stupid to understand his subtle yet urgent signals that he wants to be my cabana boy. What I would like is for all my favorite male bloggers to take one aspect of male behavior and explain it in depth (if you're not linked, it's not because I don't love you, it's because I've had a rough day [see next paragraph] and just can't stand to do one more link...I love you all equally). That can be your birthday present to understanding of what the f*ck is going on in your heads (not yours exactly, but yours as a gender representative).

Had a doctor's appointment today...I'm either fine or need to see a neurologist. We're not sure yet. That's not all that comforting, but they took a shitload of blood and apparently will call tomorrow if it's obvious bad news, send a letter if I'm pretty much OK, and if I'm still having these same problems in a month then it's off to the brain-doctor (poor guy...I'm a pretty sad specimen in that department these days). There's nothing I would love more than to find out I have a serious illness while in law school and on student insurance...the thought of never getting decent (or any) insurance ever again really warms the cockles of my heart.

I think I'm allergic to one of the scarves I made. And, it sheds. And, since I am known to wear shiny lipgloss on a regular basis, the little threadlike fur sheddings get stuck in my lipgloss which causes me to go "Pfft...pfft...pfffthyffttt" and try to spit it out, which causes my friend to go "Maybe you ought to make sure it's shaved before you put your face in it," which causes me to spit out my gum and laugh real hard.

It's maybe gonna snow tonight. YAY!
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