Sunday, January 30, 2005

The weekend beat-down report.

I just walked across the street to the Book Store to try to get a book I need for my Law and Pop Culture class, and guess what? I saw a guy getting his ass BEAT out on the street. It looked like several people were intervening so I didn't worry too much and went about my business. When I came out about 5 minutes later, the kid who was getting beat up was in handcuffs, and it appeared that the guy who I had thought was the bad guy was actually the loss prevention guy from the bookstore. There were three cop cars pulling up with full lights and sirens. Damn.

This is made all the more interesting because last night, on the way to LQ's, I saw three gang guys get into a fight with a total crack whore at the bus stop. Cops showed up and everything.

I feel a little like Stephen Glass in relating these stories, but I swear, I personally witnessed two major episodes of fisticuffs in less than 24 hours.
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