Friday, January 14, 2005

Moving on up for Beefy McManstick Badass Spatula

Grades are due in by today (supposedly), and I've only gotten one so far. However, I check approximately 92,673 times a day, so I would appreciate it if my professors would turn them in as soon as possible so that I can get back to my normally scheduled life.

Beefy McManstick Badass Spatula (who is STILL ALIVE) got a new aquarium last night. It has a little filter and a light in the lid, and the plastic plants are MUCH nicer than in the old one. However, I haven't cleaned his water in about two weeks because I've been planning on moving him into this new aquarium once I bought it, so hopefully he won't die before I have a chance to get him moved into his new place tonight. I'll try to take a picture of it once he's all settled, provided that he toughs it out through the move.

Last night I acted as a fake juror for my friend's Trial Advocacy class. Each of the students brought a friend and then they did voir dire on us. It was actually pretty interesting, and the "professor", who is actually more of an "instructor" I guess, is a practitioner in the local legal community. He was quite a character. Their mock case concerns a liquor store being sued for selling more alcohol to someone who was allegedly already clearly intoxicated. One of the "lawyers" asked me "So, you raised your hand and said you have a liquor store near your house. Does that pose any problems for you?" And I said "Well, no, I would consider it to be more of a convenience." The "lawyer" responded to that, still hoping to get me to say what she wanted, with "So, you don't ever see intoxicated people or other criminal activity going on there?" And, I busted out laughing and went "Well, it's not crawling's or anything like that." Everyone got a good laugh, including the instructor, so I guess my work there is done.
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