Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Memo to self: Fuck law school.

I rescind my earlier contention that I will be taking some time off to get all my studying done. Wanna know why?

Grades are back.

I worked harder last quarter than I ever worked 1L year, or in my entire academic life for that matter, and you know what?

My grades suck. They are stupendously bad. Not "drop out of law school to work at Burger King" bad. Or "They're gonna kick me out due to my total inability to learn the law and apply it to a hypothetical fact pattern" bad (even though it's true and they should). But subpar. Sub-curve-par. One or more standard deviations below the mean.


And you know I never use the "f" word around here.

But seriously. I have a numb hand, I had a panic attack today complete with crying and wheezing, I seriously doubt I will ever exceed at this no matter how hard I try and in direct contradiction to the fact that I have succeeded at everything else I've ever tried, and I found three more gray hairs today. Even though I JUST DYED MY HAIR! Damnit.

Alright, I'm done.
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