Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hell yeah I smoke my mom's crack. I do what I want!

Alright people. Listen up. I hate to lower your already rock-bottom expectations of this blog, but I have to take a couple days off. My boss at work has decided to focus on what I've been doing for the *entire* Friday staff meeting...which is 4 hours long. He is printing off my work onto 42-inch paper, these HUGE spreadsheets, and is giving it out to everyone so we can all "talk about it" and "brainstorm." Yeah.

Also, I have a paper due tomorrow at 9:30am and one due at 2:30pm and the spreadsheets are due to the boss tomorrow by 5pm so they can be printed out. Due to all of this, I am at least a week behind in Federal Courts (the hardest class EVAH), and at least a few days behind in Admiralty andohmygodi'msostressedoutandmylefthanddoesn'tworkeither.

Anyway, I'm fine. Except for the fact that I'm probably going to have a nervous breakdown...but only if it doesn't actually require me to use my nervous system which seems to be broken.

I will be back probably around Thursday night. I promise to make it up to you by doing a BTQ style all-request weekend. If there's no requests then I'll hate you all forever.
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