Saturday, January 29, 2005

*Sniff* Thanks!

Wow. That's all I can say. The comments that were left to my post yesterday, and the very many emails I received saying "that is my story too!" are amazing. I'm not afraid to admit I cried like a little baby over them...I really did. If you emailed me, I will be writing you back...I just need a couple days to read everything again and get back to everyone. The outpouring of support was/is truly amazing.

Moving right along, I spent the last two days bridesmaid dress shopping. The saga is FAR too lengthy to get into since I owe my boss some work this afternoon, but after driving to three different cities and trying on about 90 kajillion dresses, I finally bought this (only in black). It is going to be paired with a cardigan sweater, fishnets, super pointy 50's style heels and pink sparkly jewelry to match M.'s dress. YAY!

I'll be back soon -- must go earn my keep.
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