Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Oh my god. I checked my voicemails last night at the bar, but clearly I wasn't going to call my parents back in the state I was in...and also, I couldn't call them when I got home because I was extremely drunk and it was late. So, this morning, I notice that I have another message and it's my mom, calling at 7:30am and here's what she said:

"Hi E.Spat, it's your mom. We called yesterday for your birthday and you didn't call us back and now we're really starting to get worried. PLEASE call me as soon as you get this because I've emailed and called and you never don't call or respond to my emails and your dad and I are really worried."

I feel SO BAD. My mom is the most wonderful woman on the whole planet and I am such a shitbag for making her worry like that. I KNOW she probably barely slept last night. I called her as soon as I heard the message and she was so happy I wasn't lying dead in a ditch somewhere. I am the worst kid ever.

This is the last straw. No more drinking like that. I love a couple of beers just like the next girl, but I feel miserable, I apparently made my parents miserable, and even though I had fun last night, I could have had just as much fun without ingesting that amount of alcohol. You heard it here more craziness.
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