Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Tu aliento ole como los melocotones.*

How long could I use the random other language phrase generator? ALL DAY LONG! I am endlessly amused by this. There are two different settings, humorous and serious. I have helpfully labeled these for you...because I'm nice like that. Also, my deepest apologies to whichever blog I stole this from, I saw it a day or two ago off a link from somewhere and now I can't remember where. Oopsies.

Das nennen Sie ein Schinken-Sandwich? Nehmen Sie das sofort weg!
You call that a ham sandwich? Take it away at once!
Sollen wir Federball / Badminton spielen?
Shall we play badminton?

Ça te dit de rentrer chez moi et de faire des choses que je raconterai de toute façon à tout le monde?
Fancy coming back to my place and doing the things I'll tell everyone we did anyway?
Je voudrais être électricien(ne).
I would like to be an electrician.

Als je nu jou teennagels wilt afknippen, alstublieft doe dat ergens anders.
If you must clip your toenails now, kindly leave the kitchen.
Ik wou een stuk taart.
I would like a piece of cake.

Desculpe, pode dizer-me se Satanás vive aqui?
Excuse me, can you tell me if Satan lives here?

There was no Portuguese serious, so I'm filling in with Spanish:
Me he desconectado.
I have been cut off.

*Spanish: Your breath smells like peaches.
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