Thursday, September 16, 2004

Witch infestation in PA?

What I love most about truly crazy people is that they think they are totally sane. Like this guy in Pennsylvania who thinks his entire neighborhood is infested with witches. What's really notable is that he is, thankfully, the only one that is able to ferret out the witches -- what would we do without him to warn everyone else??

Best quote:

Gene and Becky Dill live directly across Waller Street from Jenkins. He warned
them about the neighborhood activity, they said.
They just shrugged their shoulders. "We said OK," Becky Dill said.
Are there witches on Waller Street?
"I have no idea," Becky Dill said. "I don't even know what a witch is."
"Yeah," Gene said with a grin. "I live with one," he added, nudging his

Hahahaha, I bet this guy is in so much trouble now that they published that.
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