Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Flying Japanese Sand Tigers

I'm watching The 101 Most Unforgettable SNL Moments on E!. It's really making me laugh. So then, I got this idea of how I was going to do a post that was a list of stuff I'm doing instead of studying...but I could only come up with two things. Even my study avoidance is half-hearted at best. I'm such a loser -- I can't even procrastinate in a motivated way.

1. Laughing my ass off at this post over at Running with Lawyers.

2. Coveting some new Chucks I just found over at Converse.com. I've talked before about how I collect Chucks...and these are DOUBLE PINK!

Two best things I've heard so far at school this week:

In one of my classes on the first day...the professor randomly calls on someone to answer questions about the first case (which was assigned as reading on the weekend before class) and this student goes "I'm sorry, I don't do homework assignments over the summer break so I didn't do the reading." Everyone sort of just stared in stunned silence...the prof seemed a little disconcerted at first, but to his credit, he just moved right along to the next person and didn't make a big deal out of it. I'm torn between thinking it's kind of funny and shuddering in a gigantic internal cringe every time I remember it.

In the class of a friend of mine, the prof was discussing summer non-profit and public interest externs calling legislative offices to try to lobby for things that the place they are working for needs. He describes trying to get money for animal rights and how the person calling always gets passed off to the agricultural department before finally getting the right guy on the phone. What does the right guy say when he answers the phone? "Hi, I'm Bob and I do animals." What could be better than hearing your professor say this? I mean, except for getting it all on tape of course.
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