Thursday, September 09, 2004

Chain Gang

I am on serious work detail today getting ready to load the new, non-Uhaul, Budget moving truck tomorrow. I have been ordered by my parents to get my shit packed and my clothes washed and my room clean ("it should look like you never lived there"), etc. Plus, I still have to go through my mom's stuff to see what I can wrangle her into giving me. I've already secured a KitchenAid Mixer, a pretty nice gas grill, a heavy duty blender (for really), all manners of kitchen implements and non-perishable goods, and a dining room table. Oh yeah, and a microwave. I actually think my mom likes to give me all this crap because she runs right out and buys all new stuff while my dad is at work. God I love her.

Anyway, no time for posting right now. First chore is go paint the shelf my dad made me for all my junky knick-knacks (as he calls them) since the new place doesn't have a fireplace and all this crap used to sit on my mantle in Texas. Oooooohhhh...I'm so excited to have my stuff again. I love my couch so much. Perhaps later I will tell you the story of how my couch came to be...suffice it to say that I lugged it cross country and then stored it for over a year because I just couldn't bear to give it up. That's a lotta love.
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