Thursday, September 02, 2004

All the news that is the news.

Revolting News: This guy can squirt milk out his eye. And if that's not revolting enough, just take a look at the pics. Blech.

Uncontrollable Anger News: Road rage, it's not just for people with guns anymore.

"Oh really, we had no idea" News: Parents name all three kids after perfumes and "insist they did not realise the connection until recently." Um. OK.

Science News: Some guy found, and I quote, "absolutely huge" condoms in Britian dating back to 1900. Claims that they are "just as good as the day that they were made." Uh-huh.

Energy Spatula News: I'm going to Costco with my mom so I can talk her into buying me a year's worth of nonperishable items with which to stock my new apartment. Hooray for a store that lets you buy things "by the pallet."
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