Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The deadly North American ceramic head-bashing snake.

Further proving that no good deed goes unpunished...check out this story about a homeless woman who killed the man that took her in. Apparently he *gasp* told her that she should go to church. Here are the highlights, and also, I will be removing all of my ceramic snakes from the house forthwith now that I know they are potential instruments of death.

Turman, a friendly retiree who liked to sit in his parked Ford LTD and drink a bottle or two of beer, met Wells in early September. Some time between Sept. 19 and 21, the two argued in his apartment about Wells needing to seek God, prosecutors said.

She threatened to leave. Wells has told investigators Turman came at her with a knife. She quickly disarmed him and then stabbed him with a pair of scissors, prosecutors say. Wells then bashed Turman in the head with a ceramic snake, investigators said. Wells, weighing 230 pounds, sat on Turman, cracking his ribs, they said.

She then bound his legs with electrical wire and his wrists with chains, prosecutors said.
Wells then allegedly emptied Turman's pockets, taking his keys, and allegedly tried to clean up the bloody mess.

A few days later, after neighbors began complaining of a foul odor, a janitor discovered Turman's body in his apartment.

With her long, blonde braids and a fondness for red Spandex leggings, Wells was well-known in Turman's neighborhood. She would argue with some local shopkeepers, but prosecutors had no information about any serious criminal history.

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